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Real-Time Construction! Why Choose Us?

Trust in us is the number #1 reason why our clients continue to choose Real-Time Construction as the licensed General Contractor for their major projects. Integrity, and value engineering based on a solid foundation of open commmunications, set us apart from everyone else.

We are able to look at a project with two hats. One, the owner hat, allows us to view projects from a unique perspective. We understand you have a list of goals and ideas, always with quality and the bottom line as a paramount consideration. When we put a project together for a client, we understand the concerns much differently than most other General Contractors. We have invested in many large projects and we are able to look at your project from the unique perspective only an owner would have.

By using our value engineering skills we are able to provide an in depth look at your project, understand the scope and goals and work with you to keep the project in the specific budget that you need to make the project successful.

We can show you many great buildings, new construction and remodeled projects that we have done over the last 35 years, but it only tells part of the story. Our belief is to do a job right the first time, with integrity and passion. Do the job on time and on budget. But what truly sets us apart from all other contractors is our comittment to our clients. Constant communcation and a dedication to excellence makes Real-Time Construction, LLC one of the finest Genereal Contractors in Tennessee

When we negotiate a job there is a structured process we adhere to and it begins with bringing all our teams into the process at a very early stage. Business developers, pre- construction teams and our operations group are all at the ready. It's an integrated team approach beginning with the visualization process, the planning stages, design and development stages and the construction process all the way through to completion of the project.

Commercial construction by Real-Time Construction


• Hotels
• Banks
• Conference Centers
• Retail Buildings
• Apartment Complexes
• Residential

Project Management by Real-Time Construction


We have the ability and the experience to manage any size project from small to large, residential to commercial to government. We provide a level of attention to detail from the President on down that is second to none.

Project planning, turning rough ideas into completed projects


We work closely with you with the planning of any project. From budgeting to codes and permits we make certain nothing is left out of the loop. We'll take your rough ideas and turn into completed projects

Critical path integrated services by Real-Time Construction


We use a critical path method of project management. All construction projects have challenges, and it is how we mitigate those challenges that allow us to rise above the competition, and perform at a consistently high level.



Robert Webster

M. Gibson Hotels, Knoxville

"Terry Lewis and Real Time Construction has saved our company hundreds of thousands of dollars in value engineering and problem solving special projects with electrical, mechanical, HVAC  and general repairs and maintenance issues."

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Jim Odle

Jim Odle Architect, Knoxville

Over more than 20 years I have worked with Terry Lewis in many different ways: sometimes in a bid contract, sometimes in a negotiated contract, in multiple design-build contracts, and some in which he was the client. I have recommended Real-Time Construction often, with great confidence and assurance they can do the job, and do it with great quality and value. Real-Time is my “go to” contractor, my first choice for most project recommendations

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Jim Arrajj

CJ Lombardo Company, Hackensack, NJ

At CJ Lombardo Company, we have known and been doing business with Mr. Terry Lewis in different capacities for over five years. Throughout this time we have built a working relationship based on trust and dependability.

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Stacy Cox

Stacy Cox Architect, Knoxville

"It is with great confidence that I can recommend Terry Lewis and Real Time Construction for anyone looking to build or renovate. Terry and his team are diligent at understanding the scope of work, identifying any potential problems and helping to develop cost saving alternates and methods that can save both time and money for an Owner. As an Architect, working with Terry has proven to be a valuable resource for our team during the design process and having him on-board as early in the project as possible is a huge advantage to a building Owner. In the field, Terry is extremely organized and diligent with project management, communication and scheduling which are all critical to construction success. Give Terry and Real Time Construction a call; you won’t be disappointed.”